Miami Proposal

Lets power the city one hotspot at a time.
DeWiCats is revolutionizing the world of NFTs by using its minting proceeds to provide a low-cost 5G and IoT network in the beautiful city of Miami. With our project, we aim to make this possible by minting 10,000 unique DeWiCats NFTs, each priced at just 500 HNT.
Our goal is to deploy thousands of hotspots throughout the city of Miami, creating a seamless and highly efficient network that is accessible to everyone. We believe that by providing low-cost 5G and IoT services, we can help bridge the digital divide and provide internet access to low-income families.
We are looking to partner with the city of Miami, and we ask Mayor Francis Suarez to provide DeWiCats with locations throughout the city to deploy these hotspots. In return, we will offer free 5G services to low-income families by setting up helium ESIMs using a portion of the mint sale. This will allow these families to access the internet, stay connected, and access critical resources.
By supporting DeWiCats, you are not only investing in a unique NFT project but also contributing to the development of a sustainable and inclusive digital infrastructure in Miami. Join us today in building a better future for all.